About Company

We commenced our operations in Sri Lanka in 1997 as ‘key security’ and later on we rebranded as SITREK Lanka Group in 2010. We are a joint venture with SITREK CISCO Security (Pvt) Ltd. Singapore, a fully-owned subsidiary of Temasek Holdings which is a private investment arm of the Singapore Government.

We are today

We have been operating as an independent entity providing security services in Sri Lanka for the past forty years. Over the past decades, SITREK has concentrated our focus on providing our customers with comprehensive, state of the art security solutions, and today we set the standards for loss prevention, secure logistics, and care services in Sri Lanka with an island-wide branch network, located in the main cities of the island.

Our expansion

SITREK operates in 09 provinces and initiates a 13 strong branch network with an ultra-modern training facility. With almost 9000 employees, being a reliable and solid employer is, of course, a top priority, but we must also conduct our business in an ethical manner, consider our environmental impact and offer high-quality services.

Our Vision

To be the premier service provider in loss prevention, secure logistics and care services in Sri Lanka

Our Mission

To provide our customers peace of mind, by setting the highest professional standards in providing solutions in loss prevention, secure logistics and care services in Sri Lanka whilst giving our employees a challenging, rewarding and fulfilling career